Investigators from the Buffalo Police Department are looking for details surrounding a shooting that happened Saturday morning.

According to reporting by WKBW, a man was shot on Chelsea Place in Buffalo's Delavan Grider neighborhood.

The unidentified 45-year-old Buffalo was shot around 10 a.m. in the 200 block of Chelsea Place, which is between E. Delavan Street and Northland Avenue. He was taken to the Erie County Medical Center in a private car and he is listed in stable condition by medical officials.

Police officials have yet been released the name of the man who was shot, nor have they released any additional information related to this incident.

Detectives are looking for the person, or persons, responsible for this shooting. Officers are seeking details to help solve these and other crimes. If you know anything, they really could use your help. Please call or text the Buffalo Police confidential tip line at (716) 847-2255.

Crime in our area has an impact on everyone, not just the people who were directly involved. There was a shooting in Niagara Falls on Saturday that left one person dead and an entire neighborhood feeling terrorized; along with a triple shooting that happened just a few blocks from Yasmin Young's house. This has been a terribly violent winter and there has to be something that we can do as a community.

A few months ago, during the WBLK 'Put The Guns Down and Power Up' Town Hall, Neal Dobbins, Founder of the Most Valuable Parents Buffalo, talked about one very specific thing that we could do to help limit the number of illegal weapons that flow nto our cities and towns. You can listen to what he said here.

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