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Police in Buffalo are investigating a triple shooting in the Riverside neighborhood.  This definitely caught my eye because it's not far from where I live.  According to WKBW, there was a triple shooting on Buffalo's west side on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.  The incident happened just before 9 pm.  Three men were shot on Ontario Street in the area of the intersection with Tonawanda Street.  The men were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.  If you have any information that can help the Buffalo Police Department find the person or people responsible for this shooting, please call or text its confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.

It seems like there has yet to be a real slowdown in shootings, even though it's winter.  I mean we just had a mini-snow storm, but folks are still out here shooting.  It's crazy that there is a triple shooting on a cold Wednesday.  Ed Nice just wrote about a shooting that happened on Saturday; two teenage boys were shot in Buffalo on Langfield Drive.  Sometimes I feel like I live in a city like Chicago or even Liberty City in South Florida.  The gun violence here is disturbing and disheartening.  One shooting can destroy and affect so many people's lives. If we're still seeing multiple shootings each week during the winter, I hate to even imagine what type of mayhem we're going to experience during the spring and summer of 2021.  Last summer was horrendous, so it's scary to think about what we might go through this year.

Here are some anti-gun violence organizations you can get involved in:

- MVP (2020 Anti-Gun Violence campaign)
- Buffalo Peacemakers
- Buffalo SNUG
- Stop the Violence Foundation

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