Back in 1995, public school # 68 was an underperforming school, with some help from M& T Bank the school was turned into Westminster Charter School. The school really grasped the needs of students in my opinion, with a focus on mathematics instruction and balanced numeracy, healthy living, and technology just to name a few things.


Westminister Charter School is closing after 17-years of service here in Buffalo, School Board President Sharon Belton-Cottman said,

These decisions are very difficult to make, we're very cognizant these are children's lives we're talking about.

I have personally visited the school a few times as a DJ and as a radio personality talking to students about a career in broadcasting. I can see why some parents are disappointed in the decision being made to close. Recently, I spoke with a parent who had a child that attended that charter school. Cynethia Sanders.

My Daughter Kenya Sanders was given a full-ride scholarship to Sacred Heart School from Westminister through their partnership with M& T Bank, and they gave out scholarships every year to kids accepted into private schools. It's sad to see them close, they will be missed.

There have been complaints from Buffalo Public Schools for a long time about competition from Charter Schools, but now they are in the unusual position to be able to get rid of two of them. Recently, the school has faced criticism that their proficiency in Math and English language had fallen below the district-wide average, which in my opinion is another one of the reasons this unfortunate closer.

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