Last week, a decommissioned World War II destroyer had suddenly begun sinking into Lake Erie without so much of a warning. 

After divers were able to get into Lake Erie to get a closer look, it appeared that the sinking of the ship was due in part to a breach on the right side of the vessel.

According to Channel 4, divers took to the water surrounding the USS The Sullivans while the crews continued working on saving the ship. 

The divers got into the water on Wednesday to continue taking the right steps needed to save The Sullivans. 

With the divers in the water, they were able to get a closer look as to what is happening with the ship in Lake Erie.

United States Coast Guard Captain Lexia Littlejohn told our friends at Channel 4 that an important step to saving The Sullivans is to look at the outside of the ship first and get a clear idea of how exactly the water is getting inside. 

Once they figure out the cause of the leak, the diving crew will then decide whether to go into the ship.

If the place where the water is coming from can somehow be patched up, the United States Coast Guard may be able to repair the ship and get it to a point where it’s in a stable condition.

Based on the looks of it, officials told Channel 4 that they see “no damage to the shoreline,” which was something that was an initial concern. 

Crews have also been able to start pumping water from the ship again after containing the oily-waste water that was coming from the ship. 

The water is now getting pumped out at a rate of 300 gallons per minute in hopes that The Sullivans can be preserved.

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