Sadly, a little girl in Buffalo has died at the hands of her mother's boyfriend.

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Credit: WIVB

Stories like this are so difficult to hear about! A 17-month-old girl, Simone Calhoun, has died from injuries that were allegedly inflicted upon her by her mother's boyfriend, Robert Dumas, according to WIVB. The baby girl died on Saturday at Oishei Children’s Hospital. According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, the girl had been beaten regularly over a six week period. The deadly injuries were caused by a beating on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. WGRZ reports that Police say not only beat Simone, he also shook her shook. The abuse caused serious injuries, including hemorrhaging to her brain and retinal tearing.

Original story: Buffalo Man Arrested for Assaulting 17-Month-Old Girl

The charges against Dumas have now been upgraded to second-degree murder. Initially, Dumas was charged with assault for the injuries he caused to Simone. No child should ever have to suffer such a horrible death!  I pray that there is justice for baby Simone!

Child abuse resources in WNY:

- Child & Family Services - Report Child Abuse (800) 342-3720
- Child Advocacy Center Buffalo at BestSelf - (716) 886-5437
- Child Protective Services (Erie County Department of Social Services) - (716) 858-1665
- Child Care Resource Network

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