Police are searching for whoever is responsible for beating young mother to death in Niagara Falls.

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"Mariah was a kind beautiful person, who loved to dance and make tiktocs with her kids. At this time Mariah’s case is actively being investigated and her family has received NO answers as to who could have done this." ~ via Mariah's GoFundMe page

A mother of two, 28-year-old Mariah Wilson, was found beaten to death in her home on Lasalle Ave and 17th Street in Niagara Falls, according to WKBW.  The homicide happened on Friday, September 4, 2020 and no one has been arrested or publicly named as a person of interest yet. Her cousin Julia Stevens told WKBW that people often hung out at Mariah's house, including that night.  Mariah reportedly called police to tell them that there were unwanted people at her house. It's not known if police actually showed up to respond to her call.

Niagara Falls Police haven't released any information about a suspect or suspects.  The Niagara County District Attorney told Channel 7 that it is being investigated as a homicide.

"When we all say 'Protect Black Women', Mariah is the prime example of another failure to make that happen. Mariah's story hasn’t gotten nearly the media attention her case demands or deserves. As a community it is our responsibility to say her name, and ensure that Mariah and her case will not be forgotten." ~ via Mariah's GoFundMe page

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