WBLK Founder, George "Hound Dog" Lorenz, and John Young, the true creator of the Original Buffalo Chicken Wing, would probably agree with Food Show Host, Alton Brown regarding Brown's comment while on the popular TV Show, Hot Ones.

I'm not going to get into the entire John Young Story in it's entirety; you can read about this Extremely Interesting and Historical Story by clicking the link below.  I will tell you however that WBLK Founder, George "Hound Dog" Lorenz, and Buffalo Bills' Cookie Gilchrist (according to the Buffalo News), were two local Buffalo Celebrities who were frequent customers of John Young's Buffalo Wings, when Mr. Young sold the whole wing for only $1.  Many would say that the Original Buffalo Wings were created by the Bellissimo family in the Anchor Bar in 1964 ( according to the Buffalo News article about John Young), however, the article reveals that John Young did acknowledge and agree that the Bellissimo's (namely Teresa Bellissimo) did have a 1st, regarding Buffalo Chicken Wings, but not the actual invention.  The Buffalo News exposes that Teresa Bellissimo was indeed the 1st to cut the Whole Chicken Wing in half and serve them as such, with Blue Cheese and Celery, but as for the actual 1st Buffalo Chicken Wing, John Brown is quoted in the Buffalo News article as saying:

"I am the true inventor of the Buffalo chicken wing"

Relative to Alton Brown's comment that Buffalo, New Yorker's efforts in making Buffalo Wings is poor and that Buffalo is 'not the frickin' place' you go for Buffalo Wings, that mat be because no one knows the secret to what made the Original John Young Buffalo Wing so good and Famous...Mambo Sauce!

John Young is quoted in The Buffalo News as having said this:

 "Anybody can do wings, but if you don't have the Mambo Sauce, you don't have anything."


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