Steven Love is a Buffalo Hero forever but,based on his news interview,  this humble young man is a rare breed in today's society; and isn't looking for the accolades of being a "Life Saver".


According to, Steven Love observed a man collapse and fall onto the underground subway tracks...AS A TRAIN WAS APPROACHING!  Despite that fact, Steven Love decided to put his own life in jeopardy to save the man's life.  He jumped down onto the tracks and tried to move the man off of the tracks as the train quickly approached with the operator blaring the train horn, Love could not successfully move the man.  With the train coming Steven Love did not stop trying....Fortunately, Veteran  Operator, Jose Ramirez...a 10 year veteran, eventually noticed the two men on the tracks and hit the emergency brake....stopping about only 50 feet from the men.

WBLK salutes a Buffalo Hero: Steven Love!  Thank you Steven

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