Train Derails Killing Seven [VId]
Tuesday evening Amtrak Train #188 was traveling from DC to NYC at unimaginable speed when it hit a corner, derailed and threw passengers and their luggage out. Hear from witnesses who describe the chaotic scene of the crash that left 7 people dead.
NFTA Train Heroes Honored [VIDEO]
Steven Love and Jose Ramirez honored for an act of heroism.  According to  WIVB, Steven Love was on his way to catch the outbound subway on his way to work when he saw an older man suddenly collapse onto the tracks and a train was coming into the station...
Buffalo Hero Saves Man[VIDEO]
Steven Love is a Buffalo Hero forever but,based on his news interview,  this humble young man is a rare breed in today's society; and isn't looking for the accolades of being a "Life Saver".