As New York's 2nd largest city, Buffalo has several things available to it that most cities in the Empire State do not.

It's not just New York's only NFL team and the best parks in the state, it's also a pretty good public transportation system that offers bus and light rail travel options throughout the region.

Whether you are looking to take a free trip to one of those world-class parks or ride in style to the Buffalo Bills game, there are tons of ways to get around the 716 that don't require you to have a car.

Now getting around using the bus or train is getting a lot easier thanks to a new app and fare payment system that the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) has recently introduced.

NFTA Introduces MetGo Fare Collection System to Buffalo

This new fare collection system is based on a new app, called MetGo, which allows people to pay for their bus and train tickets with their mobile phone, instead of needing to carry around a paper train or bus ticket.

With MetGo, you will never need exact change again. You will not need to insert cash into fare boxes or ticket vending machines. On buses or at fare gates you just tap and go. But the big benefit is savings with fare capping.

New fare boxes have been installed on buses and on fare gates that are in the train stations, and those new collection boxes accept transactions from the new app.

Now you don't have to have, or use, a smartphone in order to use the new fare system. There are also new reloadable MetGo cards that people can use for their fare. This new fare system now aligns Buffalo with other major metropolitan areas that use a preloaded app and card-based systems for travel.

You can get more information about the fare collection system here on the NFTA website.

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