U.S. District Attorneys office has served a subpoena into seven diocese's in Pennsylvania and the diocese here in Buffalo.

In other words, Local Priests in the Catholic Church are being investigated for how they handled sexual abuse allegations within the Catholic Church.  This implies, to me, that there were and are persons in Leadership roles in local Catholic Churches here in Buffalo who have / had knowledge of sexual abuse at the hands of Clergy within the Catholic Church, but have kept quiet about it.  It's sickening to even imagine this.  We're talking Catholic Priests possessing Child Pornography and Catholic Priests literally transporting kids across State Lines for the purposes of sexually abusing them, according to Reports.


It's entirely unacceptable and so awful to think that people who represent God are  / were engaged in alleged sexual abuse activity.  It's equally as abominable for persons in Leadership Roles within the Catholic Church, who knew about this and kept quiet. Those persons are just as despicable and guilty as the persons physically involved in the alleged sexual abuse, in my opinion.

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