At times a certain protocol we have in our Country, such that a person is innocent until proven guilty, is absolutely ridiculous.  Some things are just cut & dry and obvious.  In my opinion, this case is one of those situations.

Reportedly, Jonathon White was charged with setting his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Cameron, on fire, last December at or near a Tim Hortons December in Tonawanda.  The video below shows the White in court, as this case is ongoing, and reveals his apparent reasoning for setting fire to his girlfriend.  According to the news story and video clip, the reasoning is

  • It was an accident and not intentional
  • it was because of a break-up and Jessica seeing someone else
  • and it was because White was emotionally distraught about "sometghing"

...all of which to me is a bunch of BS...but that's my opinion.  Setting a human being on fire accidentally or because they are seeing someone else or because you are in a temporary mental state of instability, or because you're stressed out, is all a bunch of Malachy, in my opinion.  Enough of my commentary's the story:

Here's a link to the Full Story below:

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