Duncan Kirkwood is a hard-working man with a mission, Ducan has always been about empowering and motivating people to push for their goals. Mr. Kirkwood is a Buffalo native and author of his new book "Rerouting".

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The new book also features author Kenyana Davis. I recently spoke with Ducan about what his vision is for this project, Mr. Kirkwood said.

You can have the life that you want. there is no question of that regardless of your situation or upbringing, you can live out your purpose. Resiliency and mental toughness are skills are that are disappearing in society. I hope to get people to discover who they are, and who they are not.

In Ducann's new book "Rerouting", you will learn, resilience tools and how to identify and eliminate the problems in your life, how to achieve goals. I've known Mr. Kirkwood for some time now, he's always been driven and very goal-oriented.

The book is available for retail now, Ducann said "there's has been over 1000 copies sold, the support for this project has been amazing"

"Rerouting" can be ordered at www.duncankirkwood.com

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