The disagreement between Mayor Byron Brown and 4 Buffalo Common Council members, according to reports, involves differences regarding the number of days worth of fund balance reserves it will take to improve the city's credit rating.  The 4 Common Council members are forecasting 60 days worth of fund balance reserves to remedy Buffalo's $10 Million deficit and lowered Credit Rating challenges as opposed to Mayor Brown's proposal that only 30 days worth of fund balance reserves are needed.

According to news reports, the City of Buffalo has already allotted

$100 million from the fund balance to keep taxes at the same level for several years.

Despite the effort, according to what news reports say, the city's credit rating was subsequently downgraded last year.

Buffalo Common Council member" Mitch Nowakowski said this, according to reports:

"The City of Buffalo does have an ordinance that says we have to have 30 days of operating expenses, but most financial indexes say we need to have 60 days. So it is really a response to being downgraded by the financial indexes."

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