After a lot of support from companies and the people of Erie and Niagara counties, the Buffalo Business Blitz is now ready to start accepting applications. This initiative was started by the City of Buffalo and, the Buffalo Billis cornerback Josh Norman STARS24 foundation.

According to WGRZ, the businesses that have been impacted to most by the COVID-19 pandemic can apply, such as a business with a storefront that does not have an online presence. The program went live on Wednesday and business owners will be able to apply through Monday, January 18th.

This program has really been a huge success, Rich Products will say they will donate $75,000 to the Buffalo Business blitz, and just last week, Wegmans Meals2GO app, raised $135,000.00 to donate to the foundation. Rich Products has been on the West Side of Buffalo for over 70-years and has a deep appreciation for what small businesses bring to the community.

The Buffalo Business Blitz shows the winning sprit of Buffalo and Western New York. I'am humbled by the support of the local business community. Thank you to the Rich family for thier generous donation, now we are $75,000 closer to hitting our half million dollar mark. I encourage everyone to continue to donate so that we can help as many small businesses as possible.

Said, Josh Norman of the Buffalo Bills according to WGRZ

Credit WGRZ:

Businesses can apply through an online application process, the Westminister Economic Development Initiative was selected by STARS24 to disperse the funds raised through Buffalo Business Blitz.

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