Officials from Buffalo and Erie County have been working nearly non-stop to determine exactly how badly the Blizzard of '22 impacted Western New York.

The once-in-a-lifetime storm that gripped large parts of the country has left more than 60 dead around the United States with a majority of those fatalities coming from Western New York. The storm dropped brought hurricane-force winds and dropped several feet of snow on the region.

The death toll from this deadly storm has now been confirmed to have taken a total of 47 lives in Western New York.

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According to the Erie County Medical Examiner and the Erie County Department of Health, 46 of those deaths occurred in Erie County, New York, and the 47th person was in Niagara County, New York.

Officials from the county gave a demographic breakdown of the deaths, along with other details:

In Erie County, of the 46 who died:

  • 26 were male and 20 were female.
  • 35 people died in Buffalo, while 11 died in various suburbs around the region.
  • 20 people were white, 25 were black, and 1 was Hispanic.
  • 7 deaths were due to a delayed response from Emergency Services.
  • 18 people were found outside in the snow.
  • 4 people were found inside their cars.
  • 4 people died from some sort of shoveling or snow-blowing incident.
  • 12 people died from not having any power or heat.
  • and there was one other unspecified death

This storm is now considered the deadliest storm to ever hit Buffalo and its impact is going to be felt for years to come.

Unfortunately, this may not be the final count of dead from the storm. The Erie County Medical Examiner is still reviewing 3 more deaths that may have been caused by the storm. Officials are still waiting for toxicology reports to come back before an official determination can be made.

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