As residents in Buffalo and around Western New York struggle to make ends meet, another stimulus check should be on the way soon. Here's the timeline.

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Stimulus Package Deal Expected to Pass Today

Lawmakers in Washington D.C. are expected to pass a stimulus bill today to help people struggle to pay bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to CNN. Once the stimulus package is passed, it will take about two weeks for the Internal Revenue Service to begin to get checks cut and in the mail. This timeline, if there are no additional delays, means that you could potentially see your stimulus check as soon as January. The bill includes a $600 stimulus check for each adult and each child. Just like the last round of checks, it may be based on income, although that hasn't been clarified for this round of checks yet. People with incomes above the limit, may not receive any aid. Some people who are income-eligible, also may not receive aid,

About 12 million eligible Americans were at risk of not getting the money at all because the IRS had no way to reach them.

Stimulus Package Offers More Jobless Benefits & Small Business Loans

The stimulus package will also provide the unemployed with an extra $300 in benefits each week. The extended unemployment passed back in March is set to expire after Christmas, according to CNET,

For millions of unemployed workers, Dec. 26 is the last check they'll receive as benefits created by the CARES Act in March are set to expire on Dec. 31.

In addition to the stimulus checks and unemployment benefits, the $900 billion bill allocates about a third of the money, $330 billion, for small business loans, according to CNN. Local businesses in Buffalo and WNY have been struggling since the beginning of the pandemic. They have had a tough time recently since Erie County has been designated an orange zone, which put more restrictions on capacity.

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