As the start of the 2022 NFL Season approaches, fans of our Buffalo Bills worldwide are preparing for another year of great football.

Training camp is about to be in full swing and many people are beyond excited to cheer for the hometown team.

With the new season, there is a lot of talk about what uniforms the Bills should wear this year. In addition to wearing the blue uniform with white pants, and the white uniform with white pants, should the Bills bring out all blue or all red color rush? Should they bring back the retro white helmets?

Regardless of what uniforms the Bills play in during the 2022 season, they absolutely should not bring back the red helmets. Remember the Bills teased the red helmets last year on Instagram?



We all love our Bills teams from past years, and we all have fond memories of the K-Gun era, but we have to leave those red helmets in the bulk trash bin.

3 Reasons Why The Bills Should Not Bring Back The Red Helmets

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They're Ugly

Let's just be honest, they never looked that great and the best thing the Bills did with the helmets was going away from them.

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The White Helmets Look A Lot Better

Whether it's the retro white helmets from the 70s or the new age white helmets, we just look better in white.

Carolina Panthers vs Buffalo Bills
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The Red Helmets Are Cursed

Just look at our history... Wide Right? Remember Thurman Thomas lost his? The Bumbling Bills? The pre, and post, Super Bowl years?

Let's just leave these helmets where they are, in the past.

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