The NFL Season is on the verge of kicking off with another year of football and fans all over the country are getting ready to cheer their hometown team all the way to the Super Bowl.

Things in Buffalo are no different as thousands of fans plan to head down to Orchard Park to watch the Bills start their 51st season at Highmark Stadium. While tons of people are getting ready to do some tailgating and partying around the stadium before game time, if you're one of the many people who are looking to go to the game, but want to skip all of the traffic and drama of trying to drive to the game, the Buffalo Bills and NFTA have an option for you to try.

The Metro Game Day Express Is Back This Year

The NFTA is going to have several buses that will be available to transport people to and from Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park for every Bills home game this year.

For $5 each way, you can ride in style to and from the game without having to worry about parking. Buses are scheduled to arrive between 1 and 2 hours before the start of the game, with return buses leaving 30 minutes after the end of the game.


There are 4 routes in total that the NFTA is planning to run this year:

  • Route 251: Niagara Falls Transportation Center and Athol Springs Park and Ride
  • Route 252: University Station (Upper Bus Loop) and Utica Station
  • Route 253: Metropolitan Transportation Center with stop at McKinley Mall
  • Route 254: Eastern Hills Mall (Pick up / drop off near JC Penney) with stop at Thruway Mall

This is now the 2nd year the Game Day Express will run to and from Highmark Stadium. Last year, the NFTA tested the routes to see if this was viable.

You can find more information about Game Day Express on the NFTA website.

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