The lead-up to the 2023-24 NFL Football season was pretty exciting no matter what direction you looked in.

From the excitement of Aaron Rodgers going to the New Jersey York Jets to whatever's happening with Tom Brady again this year (is Brady actually retired, or will he pop up again), there has been no shortage of changes all around the league.

One thing that we members of the #BillsMafia were seriously looking forward to was the prospect of DeAndre Hopkins, the superstar wide receiver, joining the Bills. As we all know DHop decided against moving to Buffalo, but there has been a clear answer as to why he decided to sign with the Tennessee Titans instead of the Bills or any other team. That is until now.

So Why Did DeAndre Hopkins Reject The Buffalo Bills?

At the of the 2022-23 NFL season DHop was released by the Arizona Cardinals and the free-agent bidding war began for one of the league's most elite receivers.

Tons of teams were jockeying for positions to make their city his new home, including Buffalo. There was no shortage of speculation about where he would land. And while there was some serious consideration on his towards coming to the 716, when it was all said and done he chose Tennessee.

But why did he not pick Buffalo? What made Tennessee the best option for him?

According to a new article published by GQ Magazine, which features an exclusive interview with Hopkins, it was all about the money.

MSN Sports breaks down the interview even further, detailing how Hopkins really wanted to cash in on his skills and the two-year, $26 million contract he signed with the Titans shows that.

While the Bills were in the hunt, in the end, Buffalo just didn't really have enough cap space to make work.

While I can admit that I'm a tad bit disappointed Hopkins isn't in Buffalo, I can't say that I blame him. When you're at the top of your game, you have to strike while you're hot.

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