If you've accumulated any surplus or bulk trash, or if you've finally decided to clean out your basement or garage, you'll soon be able to toss most of that stuff out with your regular trash.

Twice every year the City of Buffalo has curbside bulk trash pick-up for city residents and city officials have recently released the dates that bulk trash can be thrown out for the Summer and early Fall of 2022.

Starting in late July, you'll be able to put out a pile of trash that put to 12 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet high containing your typical household trash. Items like appliances, couches, furniture, etc. are perfectly fine to toss out.

This is a great opporuynti to do some spring summer cleaning in preparation for the long winter that we know is on the way.

While lots of different trash items are acceptable, there are quite a few things you should not toss out in your bulk trash. Items like TVs, computers, construction materials, tires, and paint are not allowed to be tossed out. Those items need to be disposed of in a special way.

You can find the complete list and rules for the City of Buffalo bulk trash pickup, including exactly what can and cannot be tossed out right here on the City of Buffalo website.

2022 Summer / Fall Bulk Trash Schedule

City of Buffalo
City of Buffalo

City of Buffalo Summer/Fall 2022 Bulk Trash Schedule

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