As the NFL Preseason gets into full swing for the 2022-2023 year, more information about the 32 teams that play professional football in the United States is starting to be released.

The annual financial rankings of NFL teams have been recently been released and those stats show good things for the hometown team.

According to data that has been compiled and released by Sportico, a sports industry financial website, the Buffalo Bills now rank in 29th place among NFL teams and their overall financial value.

2022 Valuation: The sum of the fair-market value of an NFL franchise combined with the value of team-related businesses and real estate holdings. Team Value: NFL franchise valuation, derived from metrics by which football-team transactions occur, including aggregating local and national revenues and factoring in a team-specific multiplier. This represents the fair market value of the team itself, excluding related businesses held by its owners. It includes the value of each franchise’s 3.13% interest in the league’s properties, including NFL Network, NFL RedZone and its digital platforms, which are acquired/dispossessed in tandem with the sale of a team.
-Sportico Valuation Methodology

The Bills have an estimated value of $2.99 billion in 2022. That figure represents a 1-year increase of approximately 20% when compared to last year.

That's a nice increase for the Bills which is one of many small market NFL teams that sometimes have a hard time competing financially with other NFL teams who larger markets like LA, Chicago, and New York City New Jersey.

The Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable NFL Franchise with an estimated value of $7.64 billion, while the Cincinnati Bengals remain in last place with an estimated value of $2.84 billion.

The NFL has been wildly profitable for many team owners and communities over the last few years, especially when you factor in the media revenue from TV partnerships and other corporate sponsorships.

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