Just go to any sports game, at just about any level of competition and one thing is clear, New Yorkers take their sports teams seriously.

Whether its Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, or Football, being from New York means you have a favorite sport and team and that team is engrained in your DNA. You may be full of Brooklyn Grit, or breathe Pinstripes. You might have the Knicks Tape on repeat or just randomly yell out "hey-ayyyyyyy-ayyyyyyyy-ayy!", there is just something about cheering for your favorite New York sports team.

Which, is why it is so difficult to reconcile why we still continue to accept two sports teams who are not New York, but still claim New York.

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While there are 3 great NFL teams in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), only one of those teams are in New York State. Just to ensure we're all working with the same facts, the Buffalo Bills are the ONLY NFL team in New York and its about time that those those other two teams who claim to be from New York to finally change their name.

The New YorkJersey Jets and the New York Jersey Giants abandoned up with New York State, and New York City a long time ago and it's about time they finalize the breakup.

The Jets and Giants act like that ex who dumped you for someone who's far less attractive, yet they claim the new person is better than you, and they still won't give you back your favorite sweatshirt.

The Giants absconded from New York in 1976 when they began playing their games at Giants Stadium in The Hackensack Meadowlands section of East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Giants headquarters has also been located in East Rutherford since 1976 as well.

The New York Jets were too far behind the Giants when they too abandoned New York's Shea's Stadium in 1983. The Jets moved their headquarters to Florham Park, New Jersey and subsequently decided to be stadium roommates with the Giants in the Meadowlands.

While no one is saying to no be a fan of the Jets and Giants, it is time for them to accept that they are no longer New Yorkers. So go back to Jersey and give us our name back.

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