ESPN has created a list of The 25 Most Miserable Sports Fans and Buffalo made the list.  ESPN probably realizes that Bills Fans are the most loyal, enthusiastic, crazy, and dedicated fans, but, according to ESPN, Buffalo also has the 5th Most Miserable Fan Base on the list of 25.

Here's why ESPN is saying the Buffalo Bills have the 5th Most Miserable Fan Base:

"The fact that the Bills are this high despite making the playoffs last season shows just how miserable it has been in Buffalo. Before last season's wild-card loss to the Jaguars, the previous time the Bills had made the playoffs was 1999, the longest streak in the NFL prior to last season. And what happened when the Bills made the playoffs in '99? A little trick play called the "Music City Miracle."

Buffalo has not won a playoff game since 1995, the fourth-longest streak in the NFL. And when the Bills did win playoff games in the early 1990s, they lost in the Super Bowl four consecutive years (including once on a last-second missed field goal) and saw a 30 for 30 piece crafted to account for that misery. And, oh yeah, they've had to watch the rival Patriots win constantly for nearly 20 years."

Here's the Official Criteria / Formula ESPN Used to Create their list:

Sports Misery Index Formula

The five primary factors in the Fan Misery Index formula:

  • 1. Championships: The more (and more recently) you win championships, the less you have to complain about. However, if your most recent championship was 25-plus years ago, it's almost as if you've never won at all.
  • 2. Playoff berths: How are you going to win a championship if you don't make the playoffs? It's bad enough to not hoist the big trophy at the end of the year, but not even putting yourself in the postseason is cause for a venting session or 10. We won't tolerate too much bellyaching from teams that are always in the postseason.
  • 3. Playoff wins: Great, you're in the playoffs, but what's the point if you don't do anything once you're there? Seeing your team go one-and-done in the postseason is quite painful, almost as bad as not going in the first place. But if you win playoff games every year, you have less reason to complain.
  • 4. Heartbreaks: It's one thing to lose -- it's another to get your heart ripped out of your chest "Temple of Doom" style. Whether it's blowing a big lead, losing a Game 7, losing at the last second or simply losing a title game, it's OK to be miserable. However, some winning teams scored high in this metric because you're going to have more "bad beats" the more you play at the final table.
  • 5. Rival comparison: Having your team stink and break your heart is bad enough, but having the fans of the teams you hate celebrating championships and playoff wins is salt in the wound.


Well not only did we make the list of the 25 Most Miserable Fans, we also made #1 on My Personal  List of 'The Craziest Fans on Earth.


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