I had this idea come to mind today (Sunday), while doing "The Sunday Classics" to give Bills Fans an opportunity to actually talk 'directly' to the Buffalo Bills Players so it came to mind that I could have people call the request line and express whatever they wished to their #1 TEAM ... THE BUFFALO BILLS!

So the phone started ringing and Loyal Fans expressed some pretty Heart-Felt and Emotional messages of Encouragement for their Favorite Team's Players.

The response was so immediate that I figured, "Why not do a Blog so the Bills Players can get some Fan-based Encouragement anytime they want to?"

Players can come to  "The Buffalo Bills Encouragement Page" 24/7 and experience some encouraging words audibly, or in text, ( in the comments section below), and maybe even some videos, from those SUPER LOYAL FANS!

So leave your Words of Encouragement below for the Bills Players or send your Bills Encouragement Video to todd.anderson@townsquaremedia.com or tweet @937wblk.

Listen To & Watch "The Buffalo Bills Fans Encouragement Movie":

(Add to "The Buffalo Bills Fans Encouragement Movie" by posting your Words of Encouragement Below in the Comments Section ... OR ... send your Video or Audio to todd.anderson@townsquaremedia.com) 



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