I guess it's seemingly unfair to compare what Bill Cosby did years ago to all the denounced sexual advances women are coming forward in droves to expose regarding much more important and impactful men than Mr. Cosby.  Someone has to be the Poster 'BOY' for what is currently a 'brush it under the rug' accusation.... all the way to a Supreme Court hopeful as well as the President of the United States.

Did Bill Cosby do the wrong thing with regard to his respect, treatment of, and choices relative to many of the women he came into contact with... EMPHATICALLY, YES.  However, he is obviously not the only one.  Others have been far more direct and unscrupulous regarding their means of and choice of 'advance' relative to women who have been abused and taken advantage of...but 'oh well' is seemingly the attitude towards every other man who has crossed the line.

Not to take away from Justice being served; Mr. Cosby is getting what's deserved ...click the video for the Sentencing Story.

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