My opinion is that this is too little too late.  The "Affluenza Kid" (who should be referred to as simply 'SPOILED') has been captured by Authorities.

Ethan Couch is the young man ....technically a juvenile... who stole liquor from a Walmart Store, proceeded to drive his Parent's Stolen Car, and run over four people, killing them. Ethan Couch served NO JAIL TIME, only probation, after he was (UNBELIEVABLY in my opinion) diagnosed as having 'AFFLUENZA'.

'AFFLUENZA' is some NEW SICKNESS which applies to Ethan Couch stating that he was not responsible for his actions because he didn't know that what he did was wrong because he has been so sheltered by his parents and suffered from not knowing Right from Wrong!  In a nutshell he got off due to being 'SPOILED" least that's how I see it.

Well just like George Zimmerman (again my opinion) ... it was only a matter of time before Ethan Couch would again get himself mixed up in something..KNOWINGLY!!!!  Well it happened...he was caught on video at a party drinking MORE ALCOHOL after having killed four people due to driving drunk...subsequently violating his probation!!!!  Ethan Couch and his Mother were trying to hide to avoid Ethan's arrest ... didn't work ...both have been found!

Ethan Couch CAUGHT ON VIDEO @ a Party with Alcohol!!!!



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