I always talk about the local bar scene here in Buffalo, it's just like most small city bar atmosphere's, everybody is welcome, but most of the local bar patrons all know each other. Imagine this, someone that you sit next to at the bar, probably every week or so, hit the top-prize Take 5 winning ticket.

According to WIVB, the New York Lottery says a Take 5 ticket worth $57,856.50 was sold at Kerns Bowling Center in Buffalo. If you have never been to Kerns Bowling Alley before, let me tell you, kerns is a small Bowling complex compared to other alleys in the city. This place also has a very cozy bar, where friends go to hang out, I like to go there for the chicken wings myself.

Credit: WIVB

The lucky winner of the ticket, which was for the February 8th drawing has up to one year to claim his or her prize. Have you ever looked at the winning numbers of a drawing, and said, yup I could have guessed that? I was thinking that when I saw these winning numbers. The lucky numbers were 4-6-7-8-37.

Another thing I can tell you about my experience at Kerns Bowling Alley is, although it is a small home town place on any given weekend, before the COVID-19 pandemic, that place would turn into a full-blown club-like place, with a live DJ, my man Dj Moore Skills.

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Congratulations to that lucky winner!

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