Remember Bhad Bhabie the “catch me outside girl. Well recently her and Whoa Vicky who some of you may know got in a fight at a studio recording session.

Both girls have been known for there past problems. Bhad Bhabie who recently dated NBA YoungBoy and also just got his name tattoo covered that was on her. Also tv personality turned rapper. Then you have Whoa Vicky whose known for her “hood” ways on Instagram but now changed. Whoa Vicky took to Instagram and apologized because of backlash from a lot of known rappers such as Snoop Dogg and more. No one really knows what the girls are fight over but it’s still a ongoing battle.

Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram live right after the fight saying she want Whoa Vicky to meet her with no one else around just them. Now Whoa Vicky recently dropped a diss track. Will this feud between the girls ever end? Only time will tell the answer.

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