There's a delay regarding Absentee Ballot Voting in Amherst, according to WGRZ News.  Persons with geographical obstacles who wish to vote in the Midterm Elections on November 6 may be in jeopardy of not being able to vote at all.  However, that's unlikely to be the end result, according to County Elections Commissioner Jeremy Zellner.  WGRZ News asked this question of the Commissioner.

 'What do you say to people who are fearful - my franchise, my right to vote is being compromised because of this situation?'

Commissioner Zellner responded as follows according to the News Story:

"I would say to them that we have laws in the state that protect their franchise and they're going to get their ballots and they will be out."

The State Appellate court hears this case Wednesday morning and election officials say if they get a decision without another party appeal they could mail them out Thursday or Friday. That could still be tight on time as those absentee ballots must be postmarked for return by November 5th to count.


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