Rapper A$AP Rocky sat down with Redd Roxx, Lady K and me for an intimate interview last week when he was in town. You have to see the videos inside to believe the stuff that came out his mouth!! 


Disclaimer: I was never a big fan/follower of the A$AP movement. So my questions to A$AP Rocky are genuine. Some of his answers, however, are a complete contradiction to the truth.

For example, he admits to having a girlfriend in a radio interview in LA (listen to the Soundcloud below at 1:52), then three days later in Buffalo, he says, "F that, I'm single when I'm on the road."

In this next interview clip, I ask A$AP about the significance of his ad-libs and the Illuminati. Notice the body language when he talks about his relationship with God. Now only God can judge him, but if he is a God-fearing man, why does he promote Santanic Images in his self-directed music videos??

On a lighter note....ReddRoxx and Lady K asked the Harlem native about the New New York Movement.

And here's the conclusion:

After meeting Rakim, he is really a nice guy. But after listening to his debut album, Long Live A$AP, and seeing his odd performance at the Diamonds World Tour concert, I believe he is yet another black artist who's strings are being pulled by the powers that be for an evil -- shall I say demonic -- purpose. But hey, to each his own.

Long Live A$AP is in stores now.

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