According to WGRZ, the law mandates that an individual or entity can't charge a price for goods and services that are basically the same based on gender, this is called the 'Pink Tax'

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The 'Pink Tax' ban is going into effect in New York State according to WGRZ, it includes retailers, suppliers, manufactures, and distributors. Let me give you an example. If a tailor or a seamstress takes a man's pants and charge $8.00 for alteration, then a woman's pants would have to be the same price for the same or similar alteration.

According to WGRZ, Governor Andrew Cuomo "substantially similar goods" is defined as two items that have little difference in the intended use, the materials that were used to make the product as well as the functional design, features, and brand.

According to WGRZ Governor Kathy Hochul said.

Woman and Girls continue to face inequalities in many aspects of their everyday lives, and it's unacceptable that they have to pay more for similar goods and services. Eliminating the pink tax help put an end to gender-based pricing, and breaks down barriers for women.

The 'Pink Tax' ban is now in effect and if you see a price in New York State that does not comply with the law, you can file a complaint by clicking here.

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