Cariol's Law was passed by the Buffalo Common Council.

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Credit: WGRZ

The Buffalo Common Council voted eight to one to pass Cariol's Law, according to WGRZ. Cariol's Law requires Buffalo Police officers to intervene, if they believe that excess force is being used by another officer against a citizen. The legislation also protects those police officers who do step in from retaliation. Cariole was fired after stopping another Buffalo Police officer, Greg Kwiatkowski, from assaulting a hand-cuffed suspect, Neal Mack. Both Horne and Mack say that Kwiatkowski was trying to choke Mack. She was fired from the department 14 years ago and lost her pension.

"I still don't have my pension, but this will help other officers so that they don't have to go through what I've gone through." ~ Cariol Horne via WBEN

Councilman Chris Scanlon was the only Common Council member to vote against Cariol's Law. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown must now sign the legislation. Common Council President Darius Pridgen hopes that cities around the country follow the lead of Buffalo,

"This was across the country in which people said there needs to be a duty to intervene law, and for us, we would not probably be having this conversation if it were not for Cariol Horne."

There had been many protests and rallies around the city supporting Cariol's Law and demanding police reform.

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