In a world full of hatred, it's good to see some of the next generation acting in love. Check this out:

Back in 2012, a then-6-year-old boy wrote a book to raise money for his best friend, who has a rare liver condition. Well, that book has just surpassed $1 million in sales.

“I like to go to the beach, that is so chocolate bar,” Jonah Pournazarian said in an NBC interview.

“I like to go swimming, that is so chocolate bar,” Dylan Siegal said.

That was Dylan Siegel, who is now 8 years old, and his friend, 9-year-old Jonah Pournazarian, reading from Dylan’s book, aptly named “Chocolate Bar.” Dylan says to him, chocolate bar means “awesome.”

Jonah is just one of 500 children in the world with glycogen storage disease type 1b. KABC reports every few hours he has to be fed a mixture of water and cornstarch through a tube in his stomach.



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