With more people being vaccinated wedding venus are starting to open up. But, first things first, there has to be an official proposal. I know many men that have spent a lot of time thinking of the perfect way, the perfect time and place. I remember back in the days, you had to go to the parents to ask permission, I think it's still done that way, It's been a while for me. Young women spend their whole lives dreaming about the perfect wedding, that's why I think there should be some time and thought put into how the official proposal is done.

I have seen some pretty nice and unique proposals, like half-time of the Buffalo Bills games on the 50-yard line and live on stage at a concert at the former HSBC arena here in Buffalo.

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No matter how it's done some people would say, "It's the thought that counts" or "You get an E for effort", I'm not sure if there really is a perfect place to propose to your future bride to be, but Buffalo offers up some of the most scenic places in the country!.

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