There are many common bugs here in Buffalo that I'm sure all of us and probably do without, especially in the summertime. Like the House Fly, I can't count how many times I've been in the backyard or at a family cookout trying to enjoy some barbeque, and I'm constantly annoyed by a Fly. Another common bug that can be really annoying is Ants, these are not dangerous bugs, they can just be a pain at times in my opinion because every year I have to head to my local Home Depot to buy the Ant spray to get rid of them. Although those are only two of the many common bugs found in Buffalo that really annoy me, there some bugs here in Buffalo that can be dangerous.

Bugs That People Can Do Without

There are some bugs that are kind of cool and interesting to see and learn about if that is your thing. Some bugs can be dangerous and annoying, here are some of the bugs that I think fit both categories.

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