Check out the 5 Things Black Women Must Do In 2014 To Live Happier, Healthier and Healed Lives, according to award-winning personal development coach and author Sohpia A. Nelson.


If we want things to change in the New Year, we must commit to BE THE CHANGE we want to see in the world!

Start with these 5 helpful tips from her December 27 article on Huffington Post:

1. We must deal with our unresolved pain, wounds and baggage that often result in angry eruptions, broken relationships, failed relationships and unrealized dreams.

2. We must stop doing emotional violence and damage to other black women. Other black women are not the enemy.

3. We must love ourselves enough to take care of our physical bodies and learn to eat healthier, sleep better and exercise more!


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4. We must learn to teach people how to treat us with value, respect, love, honor, dignity and peace by showing them that we live by a WOMAN CODE that honors the very same values in our own lives and in how we treat other people.

5. We must commit to engaging in healthy, functional, committed and loving relationships with the men in our lives.

Sophia called into today's show! Listen here: