If you missed ABC's Scandal last night, watch the full episode here and even though I'll tell you, you won't BELIEVE these 5 Jaw dropping plot twists!! Scandalous!!

5. Mellie & Cyrus try to set the Vice President up with a "Honeytrap" but later realizes it's not WOMEN he's interested in. Is Salley's husband gay?

4. Fitz "shows Up" for Mellie when a reporter stars attacking the 1st Lady for airing her dirty laundry on National TV, the President grabs his wife's hand and says "We are Moving On"! 

2. In this episode we gain a lot of respect for Mellie as we find out how that she was raped by Fitz's daddy "Big Jerry. At the end it seems like he may have also got her pregnant!!! WTH? Does that mean Fitz's son Jerry is really his brother???

ABC Scandal

1. Khandi Alexander guest stars as Olivia Pope's Mom! The character, Maya Lewis was killed in a plane crash that President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) shot down on Command aka Papa Pope's orders. Last night we find out that Mama Pope Lives!


I couldn't breath last night!!! How am I gonna handle next week's episode is it's crazier than this??