Best Zodiac Sign
During the Talk At 2 with Yasmin Young during the 2 To 6 Takeover, WNYers discussed the best, worst and craziest zodiac signs! Listen and vote!
Remembering Joan Rivers
Getty Images
Yesterday we caught wind that a well respected comedian, actres, and TV host, Joan Rivers, has passed away after a couple of health issues that landed her in the hospital for outpatient surgery.
It's Now Illegal!
It's amazing, this was a big topic of discussion with some friends this weekend and come to find out, lawmakers have actually decided to make it illegal to feed homeless people.
Dolce' & Gabbana Headed To Jail For Tax Fraud
The high end shoppers out there are worried about how they will be buying Dolce & Gabbana after the legendary Fashion design duo has been sentenced to 18 Months in jail over tax fraud in Italy. Uncle Sam speaks all languages and loves all styles of clothes and yes, even the high end lines.&n…

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