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It seems like this guy keep staying in the news. Rapper 2 Chainz went from being so called robbed last week to now being arrested for felony narcotics possession at LAX. 2 Chainz was booked and charged when the police found on him the main ingredients for sizzurp. They also found weed on him at the airport as well.

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And in tech news…This company continues to come out with something new! Apple recently unveiled its iTunes Radio on which will be a music streaming service similar to Pandora but with a slight difference. The music streaming service will offer a free version, but subscribers who chose to listen to music commercial free can pay $25.00 a year.  Besides Pandora, Apple will be competing in the music streaming market against Spotify, Rhapsody, and new services from Google and Samsung.

And a big congrats is going out to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on finding out the sex of their baby. It’s a Girl! Everybody loves a baby girl!

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