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We have become so dependent on technology and our “best friend” the cell phone. So no wonder millions of customers where freaking out this morning when they were unable to log on and use any of their apple online services.
Via: Appleinsider...
Dr Dre Becomes a Billionaire!
Apple is said to buy out Beats electronics for a few BILLION dollars making Dr. Dre the first billionaire in Hop Hop! Watch him Turn up in the studio with Tyrese!!
Is The New iPhone 5 Worth The Cost ? [POLL]
Apple released the information on the brand new iPhone 5 that will drop in the next couple of weeks today. Of course they had a BIG press conference so they could announce the new specs and features of the iPhone 5.
Get Motivated Business Seminar Hits Buffalo
On Tuesday June 12th I got motivated with the Get Motivated Business Seminar at the First Niagara Center. I enjoyed comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator (I can go on and on) Bill Cosby with his motivating speech quoting singer and songwriter James Brown Sex Machine song “…
Beyonce’s Got An App!!
It's true! Beyonce now has her own OFFICIAL app for Iphone/Ipod/Ipad devices. It's based on her history-making shows at Roseland in New York City.
What’s Your Favorite Mobile Phone OS? [VOTE]
While sitting back at my desk today, I started to ponder about cell phone technology and became curious as to how our WBLK audience connects to the internet.
Personally, I would like to consider myself a geek – always interested in the latest gadgets that are either coming out or already out...
Steve Jobs Died Of Respiratory Arrest In His Home
The salutes, tributes and kind words will continue about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  He was an icon, innovator and creative genius.  Jobs died last week after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. Not much was mentioned about how he died and where...

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