Yesterday we reported that a 14-year old teenager was detained for questioning after a 2 year old was found dead in New harmony, N.Y..

She has now been arrested for the death of the young boy named Joshua A. Jock Jr. after the autopsy report came back. Authorities say he died from strangulation the night before.

The investigation began on Tuesday morning at Little Racer's Daycare when police found out the 14-year-old was watching the toddler before he died. Little Racer’s Daycare in Chautauqua County is owned by a woman named Paula Mason.

Mason's daughter is accused of first degree manslaughter. Her identity is being withheld due to her age. The teen is being held $1 million bail and $2 million bond at a juvenile detention center.

According to The parents of the toddler had their revoked by Child Protective Services. They say were attempting to regain custody of their child and want justice to be served.

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