Do You Feel Obligated To Vote Democrat And For Barack Obama?
Now that Barack Obama has officially kicked off his second term for the Whitehouse by delivering a speech on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, I felt the need to voice my opinion on why so many in our community feel obligated to vote democratic and for Barack!
Like I have said in previous conversations on…
Republicans & Democrats Agree On JOBS
Just when I thought it would never happen, House Republicans and Democrats agree on a jobs bill. President Obama will sign the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act live via CNN at 2:15pm today. Supporters say the JOBS act will help small businesses and create jobs, into law.
Breakdown Of The Government Shutdown
With all the controversy surrounding the potential ‘shutdown’ of our Federal Government, our country is caught in one of the biggest financial crises to date and now they have till Friday to figure it out. My question is; HOW DID WE GET HERE? How could our government let spending get s…