Now that Barack Obama has officially kicked off his second term for the Whitehouse by delivering a speech on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, I felt the need to voice my opinion on why so many in our community feel obligated to vote democratic and for Barack!

Like I have said in previous conversations on this board in the past, it seems that the majority in the black community whether it is in Buffalo, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc…continue to repeat the same behavior and habits from one generation to the next and then sit back and wonder where did we go wrong?

Unfortunately, most blacks vote democratic believing that it is in their best economic interest; but at the same time look at how much of our lives that we have and are putting in the hands of others to lead us out of some of our poorest and troubling conditions. Why do you put so much FAITH in someone else instead of yourself?

The Democratic Party started in 1792 and was then known as the Democratic-Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. So let me do the math on how long this political party has been in existence, ah, 220 years.

So when are we going to have a paradigm shift in our community as it relates to politics and become critical thinkers of the issues that really hit home with us? Why do we continue to witness and allow so much laziness from trifling individuals that have no other objective than to just live off the system! When are we going to change this by demanding more from those that we/you put so much of your trust in to fix the problem—politically! I mean holding these politicians accountable for the office that they hold?  

I have said this once and I will say it again, what would happen if every person in America chose not to vote for either of the two major political parties; man would that send out a message of CHANGE!