Just when I thought it would never happen, House Republicans and Democrats agree on a jobs bill. President Obama will sign the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act live via CNN at 2:15pm today. Supporters say the JOBS act will help small businesses and create jobs, into law. 

Both parties have been playing the blame game for years over the failing economy and job loss on Main Street. We all know the trickle down economic theory does not work and only makes the fat cats at the big corporations fatter.

The new JOBS act includes several bills that highlight the power of small business. Those bills are the Entrepreneur Access to Capital act, the Private Company Flexibility and Growth act, the Access to Capital for Job Creators act and the Small Company Capital Formation act. Simply by looking at the names of these bills, it seems they are focused on supporting the small companies of this country and the growth they bring to the market.

The President of the Small Business Association and my personal mentor Chris Holman is attending the signing of the JOBS Act at the White House Today.

 Although you and I can't be there in person, I invite you to join me as we watch it live online  Thursday 4/5/12 at 2:10pm est .

CLICK HERE  to go to the streaming video via CNN.