Set It Off Play Is In The Works Starring Da Bratt!
Ahh Man all my ladies get your girlfriends together! I know for y'all be thinking yall cleo lol.
Je’Caryous Johnson who brought you the sold out hit play, “Married But Single” and the hilarious romantic comedy, “Two Can Play That Game&CloseCurlyD…
Steve Wilkos Charged With DUI After Causing A Horrible Car Crash!
I know you remember watching JerrySpringer and that one security that was always talking sense into the couple arguing or talking down the fight that has his own talk show basically doing the same thing he was doing on the Springer show? Well bro might need to give himself alil guidance because he w…
Oprah Shocks Superfan Tiffany Haddish
I really like these three women. Ellen's so funny and sooo much more. Tiffany's energy is loveable. Oprah...need i say????
You can tell how great of a comedian she is because of how incredibly emotional she was in that moment, and yet, was still able to crack jokes...

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