Peep This: WATCH: J.Lo & Cardi B Drop “Dinero” Video
I was waiting on this one!!! The video has finally arrived. 2 hot talented successful Latinas that a buzzing globally.
I don't care what anyone says about her (J.LO) singing she ages like fine wine , she will always kill is in performance and fashion not to mention she's the only Latin…
List of Memorial Day Parades in WNY 2018 [LIST]
Western New York does a fantastic job of honoring the men and women who have served this country for us between parades, services and activities. Here's a list of all of the parades in your town and what time they are happening at.
The Future is now:Nike unveals the “Auto-Lacing” shoe!
Now everyone remembers, well if your a 90's babi you prolly don't remember the back to the future scene when the Micheal J's shoes lace automatically. It was the dopest scene ever with Micheal J Fox. It really shocked and took that movie to another level but anyway...

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