YK Osiris believes women who are in relationships with men shouldn’t pay any bills.

The 2019 XXL Freshman alumnae posted several clips on Friday (June 3) via his Instagram Stories expressing his opinion about women paying for things in a relationship.

“Let me tell y’all something,” YK said in a video uploaded to his IG. “If you’re still paying for hair and nails, I’m talking [about] any bills, any bills, any bills. If you’re still paying for bills and you got a man...good night!"

The "Worth It" crooner continued to question the notion of a woman paying for anything in a relationship. “If you are still paying bills like any type of bills like phone bills and stuff like that, and you’re telling me you got a boyfriend and you are still paying your phone bills and your nails? What is the world [coming to]?” he asked.

In another clip, YK Osiris appeared to clarify that he was talking about grown women that cater to their men in relationships. “I’m not saying be handicapped, but if you’re a woman, and you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, why the hell you still paying for your hair and nails and all these bills?," he questioned. "[You] got me fucked up, man. Come on, man."

Later, the 23-year-old artist addressed the men who may have objected to his opinion. “Oh, you’re complaining about paying for her hair and nails? You ain’t gonna do it? Oh okay, another nigga will. Like me!” YK stated in a video.

YK Osiris’ remarks has sparked a variety of responses on IG. Some women agreed with him, while some men feel the singer shouldn’t be offering relationship advice.

"I mean I’ll pay a few [bills] ngl, if you love someone u gon help and not put it all on them," wrote one commenter. "Keep me cute and we can both help with bills."

Fan responds to YK Osiris comment on Instagram.
@shaderoom via Instagram

Another person wrote, I’m tired of niggas with millions of dollars ** SUPPOSEDLY ** telling me what i should and shouldn’t be doing."

A fan comments on YK Osiris video about women paying bills in a relationship.
@shaderoom via Instagram

It looks like YK Osiris has lived up to his promise in early January to be debt-free and is ready to cater to a potential boo. Watch his video (and the mango he’s eating) below.

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