Any resident in the City of Buffalo would try to tell you that they have the worst potholes around, but it looks like Cheektowaga may have taken the lead on that one. 

Potholes can seriously mess up your car (and very unexpectedly, I might add). A few weeks ago, I was driving down Allen St. and a pothole took out the traction control of my Equinox, but this pothole is another level up.

One driver in Western New York blew a tire after going over a pothole in Cheektowaga, and they warned their fellow neighbors by posting about the instance online. 

The post read: 

Just a heads up for all buffalonians. If you are heading down Williams St. from Union towards the 90, there is a MASSIVE pothole on the right by the entrance to an apartment complex. I smacked it and blew a tire getting on the 90 and couldn’t change it till police came because it was after that bridge over the railroad tracks where people can’t see you in time to get over. What a nightmare.”

Pothole warning posts are more common than you think in Western New York, but this one quickly got a lot of traction.

Many people even dubbed the crater “the worst pothole” that they have ever seen. 

“He’s talking about the entrance to Edgebrook Apartments from William street just before the light where the shoulder disappears and you have to hug the right side of the road. Just before the light where William splits into Cayuga,” one person added further clarification. 

A Reddit user in the Buffalo subreddit said, “Can confirm: This particular one messed up one of my rear shocks and made Mavis Discount Tire some money.”

Erie County is aware of the pothole, as another resident detailed the time they were reimbursed for the damage the pothole caused to her son’s car. She said, “My son hit that one a few years ago. It's an ongoing problem. I was able to prove (I can't remember how) that it had been reported and nothing was done about it. Erie County reimbursed me for a new tire and rim.”

There is a way to report potholes in the Buffalo 311 app. If you report a pothole, you can only hope that it will get fixed, though it seems like Western New York has an endless supply of them. Fingers crossed that they will get fixed! For now, we will have to keep an eye out for this huge obstacle in the road. 

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