This is never an easy thing to discuss for many parents, but it could be a problem, and there are parents that worry about it. In the times we are living in right now, child obesity can become more common than ever before, because for many reasons, like stress from the pandemic, boredom, stress from gun violence, you name it, and there are enough reasons to go around. According to, new grant funding will help combat obesity in Western New York communities. The funding will be used to increase the demand and access to healthy foods, and it will also make more opportunities for our young children to get involved in more physical activities.

It is so easy, but tough for our young people right now in my opinion. Just think, there are too many things for them to do, that don't require very much movement at all, let alone physical activity. Iphones, tablets, video games, just to name a few have really made it too easy for our people to sit around and get addicted to what is in their hands.

Unfortunatley, we know that the communities that are going to be served by this initiative, which is being put into place today by these partnerships, are going to serve the underserved, low-income at risk for diabetes and obesity.

Said, Tim Kennedy

This is a great idea for the funding from this program to get into the neighborhoods that can really use the help the most. I'm excited to see the changes in our community.

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