We all probably wish we had more hours in the day to accomplish more of our daily goals, especially when it comes to working out!  I find that when I talk to people who are struggling to lose weight, the number one excuse for not working out is lack of time.  I can sympathize with this logic more than most people.  I find myself constantly running from job to job; and finding the time to breath, let alone workout, can definitely be a challenge on certain days!  The truth of the matter is that we have to make working out a priority in our lives in order to make it work for us.  At the end of the day an excuse, no matter how logical, is still just an excuse.  And in order to see change in our life we have to make the changes within it!

Step 1: You have to start small.  Everyone knows that quitting something cold turkey is way less effective than gradually stepping down.  The same goes for working out!  Make achievable workout goals for yourself.  Start with 30 mins a day for 3 days if you don't workout at all and gradually add more days and longer workouts as your body begins to adjust.  Here are some tips on how to fit exercise into your day with ease! http://voices.yahoo.com/no-more-excuses-5-easy-ways-squeeze-10-minute-570925.html

Step 2: Stick to the plan!  Don't cheat on your workouts because you are only cheating yourself.  Result will come only if you put in the work and remember that you will have to WORK for your results!  Stay motivated by making a workout schedule and following through.  Just accomplishing that is motivation enough at times!  And remember its easier to stay motivated with a partner, so find one and push each other.  Check out this site for some great workouts for beginners! http://www.workoutbox.com/workouts/beginner-workouts/

Step 3: Don't give up!  Even if you have a bad day, or a bad week, or even a bad month, that doesn't shape who you are.  Move past those days and learn from them.  It's easy to give up but harder to work through the rough patches.  Sticking it out once makes it that much easier to do it again!  Here are some great ways to help you stay motivated while trying to change your body for the better. http://www.livestrong.com/article/388002-diet-tips-to-stay-motivated/

And keep checking in for more tips on how to get healthy and stay healthy.  It's your life, be in control of it in anyway you can!  A healthy body can lead to a healthy mind and a healthy mind is contagious!

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